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Eared Pittas September 8, 2015

After missing out on seeing the Eared Pittas last month, I just had to go take a look after being informed of another, not one, but two breeding pairs at Kaeng Krachan.

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker at Kaeng Krachan
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

 Now, don't get me wrong, this wasn't an easy decision. I do consider myself as a responsible birder and I don't necessarily agree with shooting birds on the nest, but I do think if a static hide has been constructed, the number of visitors is kept to a sensible amount and birders observe with the least amount of disturbance, then maybe one could argue that no real harm is done. Anyway, the trip to Luung Sin's at the weekend was on….. We stayed overnight at Samarn Birdcamp to avoid the 3am start. The weather was pretty miserable, as are most afternoons at Kaeng Krachan at this time of year. The Orange-bellied Flowerpeckers and Golden-fronted Leafbirds didn’t seem to mind the rain though and posed for some nice shots.

Golden-fronted Leafbird at Kaeng Krachan
Golden-fronted Leafbird

With their hopping and dancing around, Fantails are always amusing.

Pied Fantail
Pied Fantail

So, off to Luung Sin's. Somehow we had got our wires crossed as he informed us that both of the nests were still being incubated and only heads were visible. Still, quietly we checked out the sites hoping for a change over of the sitting bird. Sadly, no such luck... Head shots only it was to be.. The area of the last nest did however did turn up a fantastic male digging around for worms. A pleasure to see, but no pictures.

Eared Pitta
Eared Pitta

Will be back in two weeks, hopefully better luck then....

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