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I am originally from the UK and have always been interested in birds and nature. I moved to Thailand over 20 years ago and have been a keen birder for over 10 of those years. I have spent many years visiting Thailand's birding sites photographing birds and honing my skills in bird song/call recognition. I hope we can meet up on our trips across Thailand


This website was originally created to give interested birders and birdwatchers information on birding sites, species, bird photography and birding trips to Thailand to make their trips an experience to remember.  Thaibirdspot truly is the one spot to stop for all your birding needs in Thailand and SE Asia.

 Thailand has over 300 recognised birding sites including; 127 National Parks, 100+ Wildlife Sanctuaries, over 100 Forest Parks and a number of Non-Hunting areas, Thailand has to be one of the world’s top Birdwatching locations.

Thailand is also a mecca for migratory shore birds, such as the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Chinese Egret, Asian Dowitcher and Nordman’s Greenshank, which can all be found at the right time of year just a few hours from Bangkok.

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