Crikey, Crakes!!! February 28, 2017

A little trip out Saturday morning to a relatively unknown spot in the middle of nowhere turned up some real surprising birds. I headed to a small pond in the middle of a rice field after a little bird had whispered in my ear. Upon arrival, a Purple Heron was standing right in front of me with a good sized fish in beak. I struggled quickly to get the camera but alas, the heron was gone as quickly as his fish treat. As I walked into the field, a Harrier passed over quite low and then, further in 3-4 Red Avadavats took flight. This is a bird I have seen many times but have just never managed to get that decent shot. With the hide and camera set, the waiting began. Well, what a shock…. Within about 10 minutes all three crakes were out and picking food from the lily pads. Baillon’s, Ruddy-Breasted and White-Browed Crakes all gave excellent views for the camera.

White-browed Crake
Ruddy-Breasted Crake
Baillon's Crake

By 9:30 that was it, all done and dusted… Mission accomplished!! On the way back a couple of Painted Storks made a fly past and a pair of Common Ioras topped off the morning. This is a place that I will return to in the near future. Who knows what else will turn up???

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