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Phetchaburi Rice Fields

Located in and around Phetchaburi province there are many country lanes, passing through a large number of rice fields, ponds, canals and temples. All of these areas can provide excellent birding at various times of the year. 

Phetchaburi Rice Fields-Black Kite.

Khao Yoi Black Kite Roost. 

Khao Yoi (GPS 13.239120, 99.823577) is a small craggy mountain outcrop with a temple located at the top. From Bangkok drive along Highway 35 (AH2) , turning left onto Highway 4 going south. About 5 km along on the left is Khao Yoi, turning left here and following the road past the temple leads to the railway line. Cross the railway line and follow the road along past many lakes and ponds. In this area huge, numbers of Black Kites as well as other raptors can be seen at the right time of the year. The many ponds, lakes and drains here are also host to many species of birds including: Spot-Billed Pelicans,Painted Storks, Herons, Bee-Eaters and Kingfishers. Following the signs, this road will eventually lead to Wat Khao Takrao. (GPS 13.217633, 99.933109)

Phetchaburi Rice Fields-Spot-Billed Pelican.

From Wat Khao Takrao, you can head back in a loop to Nong Pla Lai eagle viewing area. (GPS 13.189304, 99.868345). Nong Pla Lai is a road that runs adjacent to Phetkasem Rd (Highway 4) near to where we began. This road runs through rice fields on either side and has many places to stop and view raptors, such as Booted, Steppe and Greater-Spotted Eagles, Brahminy Kites and Buzzards.

Phetchaburi Rice Fields-Green Bee-Eater.
Phetchaburi Rice Fields-Golden Weaver.
Phetchaburi Rice Fields-Brahminy Kite.

This whole area encompasses roads, rice fields, lakes, fish ponds and mangrove areas, so along with the raptors and waterbirds many other field species are to be found.  Getting to, and around this area to maximize sightings is only really manageable using your own or hired transport.

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