Solo Run... August 28, 2017

After promising myself a trip out alone on my Jack’s for the last 3 weeks or so, I finally got around to getting out and about. First stop was to my local patch to get some better shots of the breeding Pheasant-Tailed Jacanas. Driving down the track there were many Pintail (Swintail??) Snipes plugging away in the mud for breakfast. A male Pheasant-Tailed Jacana was enjoying a morning stroll through the rice field when he suddenly saw me and took flight.

Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Plain Prinia

I headed to the pond to see what was about, 4 or 5 Bronze-Winged Jacanas, Whistling Ducks and Little Grebes were all showing well and a Watercock was calling from the other side. A pair of Plain Prinias decided to join me, so I gladly gave them their 5 minutes of fame and rattled off a few shots. Then the commotion started; A Monitor Lizard had decided he fancied eggs for breakfast, but the jacanas had other ideas… Both a male and female Pheasant-Tailed Jacana were screaming and attacking the large lizard, flying up and systematically dive bombing the intruder with feet and beaks.. The hungry monitor soon decided his egg breakfast wasn’t worth losing an eye for and swum away, probably muttering to himself, “I will be back, you know”…

Pheasant-Tailed Jacana
Pheasant-Tailed Jacana
Pheasant-Tailed Jacana

At about 10:30 I headed off to Lat Krabang in hope of shooting some Red Avadavats. After a typical Saturday morning drive across Bangkok, I finally arrived. The sun was well overhead and by now the heat was damn near on unbearable. The little Reds soon showed, but were always too far off for a decent shot. I moved the hide and waited again.

Red Avadavats

Finally at about 3 o’clock they started to arrive again, only this time they were getting braver and moving a little closer. Only one pair were obliging enough to perch on a reed about 5 metres from me. They posed for their shots and then they were gone.

Red Avadavat
Red Avadavat
Red Avadavat

Trotting down the track was a grumpy, old looking dog that had decided that the birds were not allowed on his road… He soon made that clear to them, and then trotted off back down the track, feeling pleased with himself I’m sure.

Grumpy Dog

With the shots in the bag, I decided to call it a day myself and headed home for a cold one… Overall, a great day, with some great shots to boot…

Zebra Dove
Spotted Dove

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