Pak Phli with Matt

After a few chats online about Pak Phli recently, we decided to get this trip on the road. After a 4am pick up, we made our way towards the site. We arrived just after 6, the sun still wasn’t up but by the time we were kitted up the timing couldn’t be better… The first bird of the day was one of the main targets, the Bluethroat.. followed by Siberian Stonechats and a couple of Zebra Doves. Striated Grassbird numbers seemed to have improved as there were at least half a dozen in close proximity. A large number of Black Kites were already up and leaving their roosting trees, so we decided to take a slow drive around the loop whilst we could still get a few shots of them.

Siberian Stonechat

Around the loop track, quite a few nice birds were seen and photographed. On the first side Common and White-throated Kingfishers, Grey and Purple Herons, Bronze-winged Jacanas, Little Cormorants and an unseen drumming Woodpecker..

Black Kite
Purple Heron

On the return side, a great sighting was a Greater-Spotted Eagle. Also there were healthy numbers of Long-tailed Shrikes, whose numbers have dipped in recent years. Un-Plain, Plain-backed Sparrows put in a nice showing.

Greater-Spotted Eagle
Plain-backed Sparrow
Long-tailed Shrike

One final stint in the hides only turned up a few birds, with the best being Indochinese and Australasian Bushlarks. Sadly, no Pipits or Avadavats showed. My main target for the day, the Eurasian Wryneck was not to be seen either

The drive back out turned up nice Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, Plaintive cuckoo and a cool White-shouldered Kite gave a treat with its hovering display.

Blue-tailed Bee-eater

As we headed back towards home around lunchtime, I decided we should call into one of my local patches to see what was about. Just a day or so before I had seen a good flock of 20 + Red Avadavats….. It was worth a try, but sadly a no show from the Reds’. An Eastern Marsh Harrier, perched on a post in the field, took flight and hunted down its prey. Overall a good day with plenty of sightings and a good few pics to boot…

Eastern Marsh Harrier

Great to meet up with Matt, we shall have to get together for another trip soon


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