Never Get out of the Hide !! November 21, 2016

"Never Get out of the Hide”, “Never Get out of the Hide” I had been watching Apocalypse Now, the previous week and the line from “Chef” kept rolling over in my head “Never Get out of the Boat”.... In my case it was “Never Get out of the Hide”……..

Pied Kingfisher

Saturday morning I met up with Ray Pearce to hopefully get some decent shots of Pied Kingfishers at Bang Ban in Ayuthaya. Almost as soon as we got there, a pair were to and fro, busy burrowing into the river bank making their nest. They were a little far off for any decent shots, and we were shooting directly into the rising sun, so I decided to go back to the truck for my own hide and move further up the bank.

Pied Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher

Ray joined, sitting behind a blind and we trained our lenses on a branch overhanging the river a few metres away. The Pieds were still busy coming and going, but we both wanted that special shot on the branch. Waiting, for what seemed like about 3 hours with nothing playing ball, I decided to see if there was a better spot to shoot the nest builders. That was when it happened!!! Literally, just as I stood up and took four steps, IT HAPPENED!! A pair of Pieds landed on the branch 2 metres from my lens.         Dam, If only I had waited another 30 seconds, I could have been getting those shots we were craving… Instead the male and female were staring straight at me with no camera…..  The trauma just left me thinking “Never Get out of the Hide”, “Never Get out of the Goddam Hide”

An hour or so later, one kingfisher made a brief stop on the branch, giving the chance to rattle off 3 three shots, and then he was gone.

Pied Kingfisher

I will be taking a trip back there in about 4 weeks as I think they could be feeding young by then, which should give some good photographic opportunities. I’ll just have to remember next time…. “Never Get out of the Hide”, “Never Get out of the Goddam Hide !!!!”  

If anyone would like to join me next time drop me a line at or leave me a comment at

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