Got The Blues Again... December 13, 2016

Another trip up to Pak Phli at the weekend for Bluethroats and Red Avadavats at the weekend was my plan. This time II would be going alone, up at 3:30 and on the road by 4. I arrived shortly after 6am and was happy to finally meet up with Ali. After a brief chat, we went our separate ways for different targets. Top of my list were the recently arrived Bluethroats and also to get that stunning shot of a Red Avadavat which has always eluded me. By around 10ish I had seen the Bluethroats and Avadavats, but with no shots in the bag. I moved on to another spot where someone had left earlier. Within minutes the Blues were there with seemingly no attention paid towards me while I busily snapped away.

By this time the sun was blazing overhead, so it was back to the truck for a drive around with some air-con.


All the usual birds were around, Prinias, Stonechats, Bushlarks and the like. I headed up the track to where I saw the Reds a few weeks ago in the hope of that shot. Disappointingly, the tall grass had all been cut and not one Red was seen there. Around the loop again and back to where I had begun the day didn’t turn up too much. Even the main track where the Blues and Pipits usually show well disappointed, as that had also recently had a trim and all the small trees on the left had been cut down. Overall though, another good trip to this great site was had and although I still didn’t get that shot of the Red, another lifer was in the bag for me in the way of a Black-browed Reed Warbler.

Plain Prinia
Black-browed Reed Warbler

I also had a surprise when I got home and checked my shots, a Stonechat with a very clearly blue tail and wing feathers. Now, I don’t know if this is just a trick of the light or something else, but the pics are straight from the camera with no alterations other than a crop.


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