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Pak Phli

Pak Phli is basically just a farm track located in Nakhon Nayok province. It is only about an hour's trip from Bangkok.  GPS = 14.095174, 101.275180

Follow the 33 highway from Nakhon Nayok until you meet a sharp bend in the highway. Then take the first U turn and drive back about 200m and turn left.

This road will take you down and then through a village. In the village there is a Temple and a market on the left. Beyond this point, after about 50m there is a junction, take the right turning. Follow this road for about 3km until you come a small bridge.  Cross the bridge then turn left where you see the shop and large concrete Kite.

Pak Phli-Red Avadavat.

Later in year from about October, Black Kites arrive at this spot. As you drive along the track and across the first bridge, looking to the right, you will  be amazed as to the sheer numbers of Black Kites. In the early morning before the sun is high enough to produce the thermals they need to give them their lift, their numbers can be in excess of 200-300. The area is not so large so there can be up to 10 birds roosting in one tree.

Pak Phli-Black Kite.

Further along the road around the second bridge, is always a good place to look out for the Long Tailed Shrike. The third stretch of the road is undoubtedly the most popular, with the most sought after migrant birds being fairly easy to find in this area just after New Year, Bluethroats, Chestnut-eared Buntings, Rosy and Red Throated Pipits and Stejneger's Stonechats are all usually present at this time of year.  Many other birds can also be found along the track including Red Avadavats, Bushlarks and Kingfishers.

Pak Phli-Bluethroat.

Driving back from the third stretch of the road, turn left heading around the loop. About 500m along this road is a good place to see an Osprey who is usually perched in a dead tree in the field on the right. This track is a good spot for Striated Grassbirds and Plain-Backed Sparrows. Nearing the end of the track on the left are two lakes which sometimes hold Spot-Billed Pelicans.

At the end of the track just before turning right around the loop is a good place for Purple Herons and Bronze-Winged Jacanas.

Pak Phli-Purple Heron.
Pak Phli-Long-Tailed Shrike.
Pak Phli-Red-Throated Pipit.
Pak Phli-Map of Pak Phli.
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