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Huai Kha Kaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

The Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary (15°00'-15°50'N, 99°00'-99°28'E) is a World Heritage Site that lies mainly in Uthai Thani Province, but extends into Tak Province. It is located at the southern end of the Dawna Range, about 300 kilometers north-west of Bangkok. It can be accessed from Highway No 3438

Huai Kha Khaeng has to be one of the best sites in Thailand for Woodpeckers.

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-White-Bellied Woodpecker.

After entering the sancuary, a 10km unsurfaced road runs through mainly  bamboo and dry dipterocarp forest. The latter part of this road is an excellent spot for observing woodpeckers, particularly the Black-Headed, White-Bellied and Flameback.

"Pong Chang Puak" Trail

This is the first trail after entering the sancuary, situated on your left, it's about 8 km from the main gate. It is a loop trail of about 1.5km leading down to the Thap Salao River. There is an observation tower here, making this trail an excellent place to see the Wild Green Peafowl 

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Black-Headed Woodpecker.

"Dry Dipterocarp Forest" Trail

The Dry Dipterocarp Forest Trail is just that, it is another loop trail of about 1.2kms. There are a few man-made ponds here which attract birds, particularly during the dry season. This trail tends to be more open so be sure to take refreshment as the sun can be unbearable at the height of the day.

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Map of Huai Kha Khaeng.

355 birds have so far been recorded in this sanctuary Many of these are now rare in Thailand, including Green Peafowl, Red-headed Vulture, Kalij Pheasant , Grey Peacock-Pheasant, Rufous-necked Hornbill and White-winged Wood Duck

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Rufous Treepie.

Five types of forest can be found in this sanctuary. The highest slopes are covered with hill evergreen forest, while slopes above 600 m are generally dry semi-evergreen forest . The rest of the sanctuary is mainly mixed deciduous, bamboo and dry dipterocarp forest.    In lowland areas, mainly near the larger rivers, there are some small patches of open grassland.

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Greater Flameback.

"Home of Tiger" Trail

The Home of Tiger is the shortest and easiest trail beginning at the campsite area and proceeds in a loop of about 1km. This trail is more densely covered and a great spot for Great Slatey, Black-headed and White-bellied Woodpeckers, Blue Magpies and Treepies

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Thick-Billed Green Pigeon.

"Khao Hin Daeng" Trail

Khao Hin Daeng trail is the longest trail and begins around the HQ area. It is a loop divided into two options. Walk the full loop and it's nearly 5 kms or take the shorter option of 2.2 kms. This trail passes through decidious, dipterocarp and dry evergreen forest, making it possibly the best trail for birding 

Huai Kha Kaeng WS-Lesser Yellownape.
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