Chaloem Phrakiat National Park 


There seem to be very few facilities in this park so be sure to bring your own food, water and camping gear.

Chaloem Phrakiat NP is located in Ratchaburi province. This park is relatively unknown and uncharted, but I think it holds great potential as it's only about 80 km north of Kaeng Krachan and part of the same western forest complex.

Inside the park a small road leads off to the right past the lake through mainly bamboo and rattan forest, at the end is a nice clearing where I have seen White-browed Piculets, Black-capped Kingfishers, Blue Magpies and White-rumped Shamas. I have also heard but not seen Blue Pitta, Barbets and Woodpeckers.

Across the stream here a track along the river leads to a ford and on to another stream crossing. This was where I stopped as the water looked too deep to cross. Across the stream though, the track continues up to a much higher level, splitting left or right through much denser mixed deciduous forest.

According to the official DNP site hornbills to be found here include;  Brown,  Great, Oriental-pied, Wreathed and Black Hornbill. (although I'm not too sure about the Black.)

Recently I have made many more trips to this park, exploring the northern entrance. Many more birds are being seen here now, including Rusty-Naped, Blue-Winged, Hooded and Blue Pittas. There are also regular nesting sites for Brown and Wreathed Hornbills where they can be observed during the breeding season at a safe distance as not to disturb the birds.