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Bang Ban

Bang Ban is located in the province of Ayutthaya. Follow highway No 9 towards Ayutthaya. Take the left turn A 347 for about 10km and then left onto A3412. The town of Bang Ban is pretty well signposted. Head for the lakes

Bang Ban-Pheasant-Tailed Jacana.

The gravel road along the lakes is an excellent spot to see perching and hovering Pied Kingfishers. Around the lakes host many Herons, Egrets and Oriental Darters. Along the road the usual plains birds are always found .  I have noted many species here including Rosy and Richard's Pipits, Blue Tailed Bee eaters, Green Billed Malkohas, Stonechats, Prinias, Weavers, Shrikes and Drongoes. Towards the end of the road, the rice fields and marsh land is a great site for Black Shouldered and Brahminy Kites, Pheasant Tailed and Bronze Winged Jacanas.

Along the main road leading to the reservoirs there is a great little restaurant called Lemon Kitchen Restaurant. ( GPS 14.400756, 100.504643 ) As well as good food, the owner has built a small blind on the river bank where Pied kingfishers can be viewed and photographed at close range. He doesn't charge for the blind, but ordering some food from the restaurant is greatly appreciated.

Bang Ban-Pied Kingfisher.
Bang Ban-Bronze-Winged Jacana.
Bang Ban-Map of Bang Ban.
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